How to use my tools with CRM Online and OSDP authentication

When using my tools with CRM Online, you can get Authentifcation Failure error since few days/weeks/months. This is because Microsoft is migrating CRM online organization to OSDP plaform.

What happens when connecting or updating a connection

You should receive an error message similar to the one below:


How to connect successfully to your organizations

Simply tick the new “Use OSDP” checkbox. That should work!



Anonymous said…
Like your tools. What's OSDP platform and authentication?
Tanguy said…
See this article :
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link, Tanguy. Very helpful.
Olly Hillyman said…
Very clear and absolute! This is the kind of perspectives that I am expecting on a diligent and profitable blog. I really appreciate the preciseness and impressive value of thoughts. Perfect!

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