Some news about my tools

Hi guys,

Here are some news about my tools :

OSDP authentication mechanism for my tools

Maybe some of you have noticed that my tools can’t connect to specific CRM online organizations… This is due to the fact that Microsoft is migrating CRM Online organizations to Office 365 administration/provisionning/billing platform (known as OSDP).

Last version of my connection controls is able to connect with this new authentication system but I need to update all my tools in order to make them compliant with this authentication mechanism. So if there is an emergency for you to use my tools with OSDP, please use discussion page of related CodePlex project. Otherwise, tools will be updated when I’ll more time…

SiteMap Editor : 10,000 downloads !

I’m very happy that my SiteMap editor has been downloaded more than 10,000 times! I think I can tell it is really the most used of my tools!

[Off topic]

I just have to wait one more week to know if I am renewed as a MVP… can’t wait to have the answer… Stay tuned for it Sourire


Unknown said…
I believe you should not worry about your renewal, Tanguy!

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