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Hi everybody,

It's a long time since I posted my last article on this blog. Well, I have a lot of work on many projects for our customers at Javista and not so much time to be active on this blog.

But I'm still working on my tools and the next one won't really be a new tool, more a toolbox. The idea is to have only one executable which will be able to embed all my previous tools, and more, tools that would be developed based on interfaces provided by this toolbox. The toolbox will handle all connection features, tool presentation and progress messages from tools.

This way, there will be only one tool in order to access many features. More, if you are using Windows 8 start screen, that means only one tile to access all tools.


Here is a preview of the UI (Image, Version, Author and description of each tool is handle by the tool itself, no by the toolbox)


The tool will surely be released before all my tools get converted to this new plugin system. I just hope it will be done in the coming month. Tools that are not yet converted will follow later.

You will then be able to develop your own plugin that will integrate smoothly in this toolbox.

Stay tuned for the release date!


Ksen said…
Building tools into one place was hanging in the air for some time now. You are as always first one to do it!
Looks like Script Finder is a new tool you working on?
Tanguy said…
Hi Ksen,

Thanks for this positive feedback

Script Finder is just a little help I developed to see exactly which entities use script in their forms (with the event, the web resource used, etc.). It will be released along with the toolbox.

If I have enough time, that could be improved to a full Script manager where you could see/create/update events for all forms in this single tool...

And I have still some good ideas for other tools that require time to develop
Unknown said…
Looks damn good...great work! thanks and keep posting!!

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