XrmToolBox updated : 1.2012.1.17

Hi guys, no, I won’t talk about my HTML/JS grid in this post even if you expect it ! Wait couple of days, I’m in the process of improving performance…

I just wanted to notice a new version of the XrmToolBox which has minor improvements, but has a new tool: the Fetch Xml tester. It was a personnal tool I was using when writing my fetchXml queries and as I needed it for my HTML/JS grid, I transformed it in a XrmToolBox plugin (see screenshot below).



To see others improvements or download the new version, go to the Download Page


Unknown said…
Hello Tanguy,

Does your tool have functionality of building of Fetch or it only fetches data from CRM?
Tanguy said…
Hi Andrii,
No, it just executes Fetch, it does not build fetch request
Unknown said…
Currently building FetchXml builder tool based on the experience with FetchXml builder provided with James Downey for CRM 4.0. I believe it could be a good part of your toolkit.
Tanguy said…
Well, in fact, Advanced Find allows to build FetchXml easily. The problem then is to see what the result of a fetch xml looks like when you need to use it in code. That's where my tool is useful.

But, yes, the Fetch XML Builder seems cool! If I have some time to spend later, I will maybe work on it
Unknown said…
Advanced Find export Xml feature is cool but anyway you are not able to build and validate correctness of query in case you are building some aggregations.
Hello guys,
We all miss Stunnware tools.
I think the best substitution is here: http://www.sql2fetchxml.com/
At least sql is easier for writing :)
Anonymous said…
I like the stunnware tools for fetchxml builder, I haven't found anything similar to it for CRM 2013, we would love to have something like that for CRM 2013...
Jonas Rapp said…
Hi Andrii, did you finish your FetxhXML builder?
I released one a while ago, feel free to give feedback :)
Suresh Maurya said…
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