XrmToolBox Update : v1.2013.3.22


The XrmToolBox application has been updated, here is the changelog:

XrmToolbox improvement

Use Internet Explorer proxy settings
Group all CodePlex links in a common menu


Tools improvement

Web Resources Manager (v1.2013.3.14)
Find/Replace feature for code (JavaScript, Css, Html, Xslt) web resources
Css highlighting
New shortcuts:
  • Ctrl+S : Save
  • Ctrl+R : Replace with new file content
  • Ctrl+U : Update and publish

Role Updater (v1.2013.3.20)
Fixed a major bug that didn't allow user to execute role updates


All tools list

Access Checker (v1.2013.2.5)
Attribute Bulk Updater (v1.2013.1.17)
FetchXml Tester (v1.2013.3.4)
Iconator (v1.2013.1.17)
Privileges Discovery (v1.2013.3.4)
Role Updater (v1.2013.1.10)
Script Finder (v1.2013.1.10)
SiteMap Editor (v1.2013.1.10)
Solution Import (v1.2013.3.4)
View Layout Replicator (v1.2013.1.30)
Web Resources Manager (v1.2013.3.4)

As usual, the tool is available on CodePlex


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