Should I shut down individual tools CodePlex projects?

Hi guys,

Today, I need your feedback. Since I provide the XrmToolBox that aggregates almost all my other tools, do you think I should delete individual tool projects on CodePlex (at least, those included in the toolbox) ?

In one hand, it will be easier for me to avoid answering question about tools no more updated. On the other hand, it may reduce the visibility of my tools…

So, what’s your thought about this?


nzregs said…
can you close off discussions, remove the download (maybe leave the source code) and update the front page for each tool to point to the new toolbox?
Tanguy said…
Yes, I could do that... I'll wait other advices before doing anything
Aron said…

First of all, thank you for the toolbox. I use the FetchXML tool almost every day.

As far as the standalone tools go, I think leave them there, with the download still active, but disable discussions and make clear that the Toolbox is now the way to go.

Shai said…
I think tools should be in one place.
So what in the toolbox should be only there , and what is still not in the toolbox should have is own space.
Unknown said…
Hi Tanguy,

Thanks for asking. I still use the individual tools because I have challenges getting the toolbox to connect. Since the individual utilities connect, I haven't had to take the time to troubleshoot the toolbox connectivity issue.
Simon Jackson said…
I would leave them there, especially if there's links back to the projects from other blogs and wiki's.
I would leave existing projects in their current state, adding a pointer to any updates on the new toolbox.
Unknown said…
Hi Tanguy,

Thank you for the toolbox. I use the FetchXML tool.and don't delete individual tool projects on CodePlex

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Anonymous said…
Hi, I'm a heavy user of your tools (sitemap editor, view layout duplicator...) As we are a crm implementor, I find it usefull to have the tools available stand-alone, as we can point our clients to them, the complete toolbox can be overwhelming for them, and for some tools, they better not know the existence :-)

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