Metadata Document Generator is back!

Today, and after a long time since the XrmToolBox was released, the Metadata Document Generator tool is now available as a plugin for the toolbox.


It provides the same features than the previous stand alone version, with some extra:

  • You can add location of attributes in forms
  • You can select attributes NOT on forms

And still:

  • Excel or Word output (thanks to GemBox Software API)
  • Language selection (if multi language enable on organization)
  • Attributes selection:
    • all attributes
    • optionset and boolean attributes only
    • attributes used in forms
    • attributes not used in forms (new)
    • attributes selected manually
  • Attributes metadata selection
  • Save/load settings to avoid losing time replaying the same document generation

As usual the tool is available as part of the XrmToolBox application, on CodePlex


Ksen said…
I think it's better and simpler to return CSV and some wiki formation (Confluence or the one you use).
John Michle said…
Some facts and other points given here are quite considerable and to the point as well, would be better to look for more of these kind for efficient results for your field of business.

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