New XrmToolBox plugin : Synchronous events execution order editor

Last week, I receive a request from Rob Boyers that was asking for a tool that can help him to order execution order of synchronous events, plugin steps and workflows.

Indeed, in Dynamics CRM 2013, you can set the “rank” property of a plugin step to define its execution order among other steps in the same message and stage, using the PluginRegistrationTool. Unfortunately, there is no such way to edit the “rank” property of a synchronous workflow in a UI.

So, here is the “Synchronous events execution order editor”, a new XrmToolBox plugin


It works only with CRM 2013 and loads all synchronous plugin steps and workflows and group them by Entity, Message and Stage. When selecting a stage, you can see all events registered and you can update the rank value.

Then, just click on the button “Apply update(s)” to update events on the organization. Just a note: for synchronous workflows that are activated, they will be deactivated, updated then activated back.

As usual, the XrmToolBox and its plugins are available on CodePlex


Rob Boyers said…
A big thank you to Tanguy for building this within 2 days of asking! A real world use of this is you may find that a synchronous workflow throws an infinite loop error even though the logic is fine and even though no loop happens when running asynchronously. To avoid this, use Tanguy's tool to set the rank of your synchronous workflow to 1 and give higher rank values to any other plugins/synch workflows that are registered on the same entity.

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