New XrmToolBox plugin : User Roles Manager

Again, this tool is an application for Robert Boyer, my suggestion box for XrmToolBox tools currently Sourire

So, the tool allows you to select multiple roles and multiple users or teams to:

  • Add the selected roles to selected users or teams
  • Remove the selected roles to selected users or teams
  • Remove all existing roles from selected users or teams and add them roles selected

There is some limitations:

  • You cannot use remove roles action on your own profile
  • Business unit roles, that are not inherited from root business unit can only be added to users/teams in the same business unit

I hope this tool will improve your productivity when the need to add or remove multiple roles on multiples users or teams comes.

Here is a screenshot of the plugin:


As usual, this tool is available as part of the XrmToolBox on CodePlex

NB: There is also a bunch of updates for other tools, check them on the download page


Greg Owens said…
Excellent tool! Just saved me a ton of time administering changes to a large user set.

Keep up the amazing work Tanguy!
Tanguy said…
You're welcome Greg! I'm glad you did not loose time thank to the tool
Scott Sewell said…
This is great Tanguy - very nice surprise to see it here.
Gabriel N. said…
Hi Tanguy,

Im keep having some discussions about supportability of updating Solution's Customizations.xml file... and people are keep saying that it is not supported.
I just wanted to copy over privileges from one Security Role to another ... but we found this that it is not supported to be changed with XML file modification...
Is this tool supported if manual change is not? (although I know what I am doing in the script... not harmful... just copying the privileges section from one Security Role to another)

Unsupported tasks
Defining any other solution components by editing the exported customizations.xml file is not supported. This includes the following:
• Entities
• Attributes
• Entity Relationships
• Entity Messages
• Option Sets
• Web Resources
• Processes (Workflows)
• Plugin Assemblies
• SDK Message Processing steps
• Service Endpoints
• Reports
• Connection Roles
• Article Templates
• Contract Templates
• E-mail Templates
• Mail Merge Templates
• Security Roles
• Field Security Profiles
Tanguy said…
All my tools that are dealing with security roles are only using SDK messages, no XML edition is involved so yes, the tool use supported technics.
Anyway, the user role manager cannot perform what you are looking for

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