New XrmToolBox plugins : FetchXmlBuilder and Solution History

This is a great time for XrmToolBox! A lot of external plugins for XrmToolBox are coming from everywhere!!

Well, they are two new plugins but they are amazing:

Just click on the link to go to their CodePlex projects and download them


Patrick said…

I love the Solution History.
Will it be part of the next Toolbox-Releases or do I need to follow it for updates?

Tanguy said…
It's better if you follow the project on codeplex.

I won't include it in the XrmToolBox packages as it will require too much extra time for me to figure out if there was update and if I should embed them
Unknown said…
Hi Tanguy,

It nice blog about XRMtoolbox , I see your all video and all post is nice it improve my knowledge about ms crm for your tool it easy to customization the ms crm it get lot of help me.

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