Display Performance Center in Chrome

Today, I was assigned a task to compare form load performance between available browsers for Windows (ie Chrome, FireFox, IE and Edge).

You might be aware that Dynamics CRM/365 include a performance center you can use by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Q. Once activated, it records load times and helps you understand your form load performance. More information here

This performance center is available in all browsers (at least with CRM 2016+) but the key combination closes Chrome!

A small tip then, you can create a bookmark with the following target :


Or you can also use the Chrome extension Level Up


Anonymous said…
Hey Tanguy,
thanks for yet another useful post! Specially the Level Up tip was completely new for me.
But did you know that the Alt+Shift+Q combination does the same trick in Chrome, without closing?

Still, keep up the good work. No idea what to do as Dynamics CRM sysad without your tips, tricks and (ofcourse) toolbox :)

Arun Vinoth said…
CTRL+SHIFT+E will work nicely in Chrome.

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