Donators list

This list will be updated each time I receive a donation (last updated on 30/01/2015).
If you don't want to appear in this list, please contact me.

Thank you very much to all the donators that support MscrmTools! It encourages me to continue delivering valuable tools!

Cinteros AB
KingswaySoft Inc
Douglas Allinger
Greg Owens
David Berry
Chris rogers
Living Business Online Inc.
Roland Kreis
Eliya Fainshtein
Scott Sewell
Randy Smith
Adam Vero
Dietmar Wehinger
Aron Fischman
Fast PC Help Inc.
Guido Preite
Janet Thomas
Yeshayahu Bar-Lev
Fabio Petris
Linn Zaw Win
Pierre Bourdial
Claus Appel
Kenneth Farmer
Bhasker Mekala
Rudolf Schwaz
Peter Lynch
Chris Nockolds
Bradley Law Australia
Information Technology Solutions Ltd
Bill Altman
Lars Martin
Peter Hale
Tomothy Douglas
Bilingual Job Board of Canada
Andy Hurd
Njaka Misaharison
Maxim Nikonov
Leon Tribe
Peter Cutts
Robert Peledie
Samantha Cox
Prabhakar Sundararajan
Gabriel Nesmerak
Chan Mye
Yaron Fraiman
David Wade
Todd Zedak
Goncharov Pavel
Simon Bicskey
David Hale
Douglas Mason


Anonymous said…
I was wondering if you had an email address I could contact you with?

Since Codeplex is no longer being supported/updated and the entire solution has not been migrated to GitHub yet I cannot find the local to global optionset plugin for the 2015 update anywhere.

If you could contact me at

it would be greatly appreciated.
Mina Saad said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mina Saad said…
Hi Tanguy,

I'm a newbie in CRM world and your tool is amazing, I want to thank you for that tool. I have made a plugin and I want to know how to submit this plugin to GIT repository ?

Mina Saad
Tanguy said…
There is no real submission process. All you need is to have a link to download your plugin (github, codeplex, onedrive, Dropbox, etc) and update my GitHub wiki on "available plugins" page
Richard said…
Hi, Tangyuy,
If I donate you to support MscrmTools would you place a link to my site at the donator's list?
Tanguy said…
That is possible!

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