New tool: JavaScript Form Manager

After a few days (weeks?) of silence, I am pleased to offer you my latest tool: JavaScript Form Manager.

What does this tool?
  • Export of form JavaScript (onload, onSave, onchange) in JavaScript file on disk
  • Preview of scripts
  • Edit scripts (ie launching the default text editor or Visual Studio)
  • Import scripts from JavaScript files to the form and publish entities

Supported input file name:

  • entityName-onloadORonsave[-anythingElse].js
  • entityName-onchange-attributeName[-anythingElse].js
Examples: account-onload.js / onload-account-test.js / account-onchange-name.js / account-name-onchange-anotherTest.js

This tool allows you to avoid navigating in the forms to test and manage your scripts. You do now everything from the tool, in a graphical way.



As usual, feel free to give me feedback if you encounter problems or if you think that this program can be improved


Karl Iuel said…
Fantastic tool! Thanks!

I have found one bug where the onsave script goes into the onload event when importing.

Would be great if you could select multiple entities in one go to export script :)

Keep up the great work :)

Karl Iuel
Tanguy said…
Thanks for your feedback!

I will look for the bug and look how I could implement multi entities export
Petter said…
best thing since sliced bread.
You just saved my day! :)

thank you again!
Anonymous said…
I know I am quite late but I just wanted to say thanks, your tool made my day :-)
Jeff S said…
Beautiful. Love it.
Anonymous said…

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