New tool! Isv.config Manager

Hello everyone

Today, I propose a tool that asked me a lot of time to write but I am quite happy about it. It allows you to change the ISV configuration through an interface (unlike the tool CrmXmlEdit you probably know). So, you do not have to remind XML nodes and attributes for each element.

Some features:

  • Creation / Editing / Saving a configuration ISV
  • Export / Import configuration ISV from CRM server
  • Edition by mouse clicks
  • Url test with web pages and icons preview
  • Validating the ISV configuration using the XSD provided by Microsoft

Some screenshots:


As usual, I remain attentive to the requests for modifications or lift bug (yeah, I know it could happen)

[UPDATE] I forgot the Icon element for MenuItem, it's now corrected...

[UPDATE 2] Thanks to the anonymous guy, a bug was corrected regarding connection status when loading entities name for entity element. You can download the corrected version.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing!
I'll try it and then describe in my blog, you do not mind ?
Tanguy said…
No problem!
Just put a link to this web page on your blog and say wath you want about it
Anonymous said…
This tools looks great but i'm not too sure what the "degfibne test server url" is for and also if i click on an entity - in the right hand pane the list is empty so i click the "load entities" button but get an error message "you must be connected to load entities list!" message. I am connected it even says "conencted to:crm" at the bottom of the left hand corner - what am I doing wrong?
Tanguy said…
The "define test url" allows you to define a test url which will be used to check icon and url access (in button element for example)

For entities list, you can write the name of entity by hand.

I will check the connection status when loading entities and give you a feedback...
Tanguy said…
There was a bug in the code. I didn't propagate the connection status to the entity element for some connection actions.

It's now corrected.

You can download the new version using the same link.
Petter said…
Wow dude!

Some nifty tools you got here. Thx a bunch for sharing them :)
Unknown said…

great tool.

At my installation (german language) it does not retain the select client (Web, Outlook or both), so I always have to set them manually after changing an element.

An example: I import an existing file which has several Toolbar-Buttons with Client="Web, Outlook" set.
When I change e.g. the Javascript of one of the Buttons the setting is automatically set to "Client=Web". I have to re-set it manually before I save or my application will not work as expected.

Perhaps you could investigate that.

Best regards from Germany

Tanguy said…
The problem shouldbe solved... you can download again the program
Unknown said…
Another bug:
If I add more than one NavBarItem, the Id ist not read from the XML-File but stays the same when jumping between the different NavBarItems.

Best regards

Tanguy said…
Corrected (well, it should be...)

Thanks for your feedback
hyper said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
hyper said…
Nice, but I cant add a MenuItem to the Grid>MenuBar>ActionsMenu

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