MSCRMTools repository


I created a dedicated site for my tools. This site is quite basic but provide links to download the tools and a small tutorial for each one of them.

I thought it is a better way to distribute the tools to my (or your) customers, partners and colleagues since it avoid to go through the blog (even if the tools are quite easily accessible).

The link:

I hope you will like it...


Good news! © But why don't you set up the complete website?
Tanguy said…
Do you mean transferring this blog to the wordpress site also?
Nick Doelman said…
I have been working with CRM since version 1.0 beta. I have seen a lot of tools, workarounds, fixes, new features but haven't lately had my socks blown off by something CRM related in a while.
Any single one of these tools would have done that, you came up with a handful! Wow! Great work!
Tanguy said…
Thank you Nick,

It is always good to see that your work is helpful and that peoples like it!

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